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Portable measurement solutions


was founded in 1982 by Simon Raab and Greg Fraser who met while at Mc Gill University in Montreal, Canada. After two years of development FARO launched three medical/surgical products based on its articulated arm measurement technology.

By 1994 FARO had completely transitioned from the medical markets to the much larger worldwide industrial manufacturing market, with more than 14,500 installations and 7000 customers globally. FARO Technologies, Inc. and its international subsidiaries design, develop, and market software and portable, computerised measurement devices. The company‘s products allow manufacturers to perform 3D inspections of parts and assemblies on the shop floor.
Below are details of the range of products offered:

FARO Arm:This Portable CMM combines the accuracy of a stand-alone CMM with the flexibility of workshop tools.Quality in production begins with accuracy in product measurements. To achieve the highest levels of accuracy, manufacturers were forced to measure their parts in a controlled environment using large, expensive coordinate measuring machines. Until now.

FARO GageWith its extreme accuracy, flexible mounting options and powerful inspection software, the FARO PowerGAGE brings new strength to in-process inspection and CAD-to-Part verification.

Laser ScanArm:The FARO enables users to inspect parts in detail by capturing huge point-cloud data. Its open architecture enables the user to employ Geomagic, Polyworks, RapidForm and many other third-party software programmes. In conjunction with the right software FARO Laser ScanArm V3 tackles all measurement tasks like inspection, point cloud-to-CAD comparison, rapid prototyping, reverse engineering, and 3D modeling. Its main benefits are the exact scanning of reflective and dark objects - the biggest challenge for all scanning systems.

Laser Tracker:The FARO Laser Tracker X V2 is a portable contact measurement system that uses laser technology to accurately measure large parts and machinery across a wide range of industrial applications. It has a 230-ft. range, achieves 0.001” 3-D single-point accuracy, and is rugged enough for the shop-floor environment.

Laser Scanner:The FARO Laser Scanner LS Designed with user friendliness in mind the high performance of the scanner can be used with minimal training to capture 3D point cloud data. Whether documenting a 50,000 square foot building or accurately capturing the scene of a crime the possible applications are almost unlimited. The scanner offers: Photorealistic 3D images. The FARO Laser Scanner LS produces three dimensional black and white images where every pixel has an X,Y,Z coordinate. For enhanced realism colour, through an upgrade option, can be added to the pixels. Measurements can be made directly in the point cloud and 3D objects can be generated, these can be used to create dimensionally accurate CAD models.

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