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Stereo Microscopes

Carton Microscopes

Carton provides a wide range of microscopes, both Bench and Boom Mounted, with an extensive range of optics and light source accessories. Carton microscopes are extensively used for inspection and assembly in manufacturing facilities in the Medical, Healthcare, Plastics, Pharmaceutical and Electronics sectors.

Carton microscopes are well known in educational market such as schools, colleges, universities and laboratories owing to its quality optics.

Carton microscopes can be used for straightforward inspection and measurement applications or can be used to capture images via a CCTV camera to a PC. The Carton product range is very competitively priced and versatile.

Models shown: DSZ44T, DSZ44PF and VSHLB-4

The above can be equipped with trinocular bodies and camera (cctv, hi-def or digital) for TV microscopy and photomicrography.

There are a number of microscopes in this range that can be used for various applications.

For a more comprehensive specification: or visit carton microscopes website from here.

Scalar Handheld Microscopes

Scalar provide a range of portable microscopesand accessories.

Scalar microscopes are extensively used for Industrial inspection in manufacturing facilities in the Educational, Electronics, Healthcare, Plastics and Pharmaceutical sectors.

Scalar microscopes are also well known in medical health markets such as dermatology, dentistry, beauty and haircare owing to its ease of use, protability and instant focus feature.

Scalar microscopes can be used for straightforward inspection and can be used to capture images via a CCTV camera to a PC (USB connection) or video equipment.

Other applications for our Proscopes include Forensics, Printing, Gemology and Minerology. The Scalar product range is vast, below is just a smaple of our range.

Scalar M2 & L2 - "The Scope on a rope"
The M2&L2 devices are high quality handheld video imaging systems that display magnified images on a PC or TV screen.
Scalar M2:

USB connection allows for quick set-up and ease of use.
Easy to use Touch and View oeration instantly focuses on objects by touching them with the microscope lens. Other lenses are available for magnification with a fixed working distance.
Selectable White Balance and Exposure position on either AUTO or FIXED, to ensure the true color image on TV monitor.
View both surface and sub-surface details in high resolution on a full-color video monitor display, with 30x polarizing lens.

Digital Microscope D-3
***World's First***
A progressive scanning CCD system: The Scalar DG-3 is a Digital Video Microscope featuring on-board memory, cordless portability, LCD screen and easy link to a PC.
DG-3 Digital Microscope:

Touch and View: The DG-3 displays sharp microscope images by simply pressing the microscope against the subject.
PC Data Link: The DG-2 ships with an onboard 256MB memory card allowing the transfer of stored images (JPEG Standard) to external devices.
Full Color: The DG-2 features a two inch full-color liquid crystal screen to display high resolution images.
Easy Mobility: The DG-2 is compact and lightweight allowing the best portability possible.
Compatibilty with Output Devices: The DG-2 is standard computer and video output devices, including printers, monitors, and Video Cassette Recorders.
C-Mount adapter : The DG-3 has a C-mount adapter which allows the operator to connect to other equipment; fibre-scopes, microscopes, etc. This will also allow the use of third party lenses.
A Wide range of accessories is available: from magnifying lenses, High-Resolution lenses, bore lenses to stands and holders.
DG-3 with Stand:

For a more comprehensive specification: or visit Scalar microscopes website from here.

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