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Eley Metrology

For more than 30 years ELEY Metrology has been at the forefront of technology and innovation in the field of metrology systems and software. ELEY is renowned for the quality and longevity of it’s products, which coupled with the innovation from our in-house R&D team, delivers an unrivalled combination that ensures our customers maintain their leading edge in today’s competitive manufacturing environment.

Eley began writing their own CMM software in 1984 with the introduction of the first True Measure full 3D geometric measurement package. This was followed by the release of True Profile, the first 2D fitting software in 1986. since then the development has continued apace with the introduction of True Pipe, True Scan and True Shape.
Below are details of the range of software products offered:

True Measure 3:This 32 bit Geometric Measurement & Scanning Software combines the latest software technology with Eley Metrology’s 20 years of experience of producing Metrology Software. Like its predecessors, TMW and True Measure, TM3 has all of the complex alignment and measurement capabilities, combined with a user-friendly graphical user interface.
In addition there are now the benifits of a rendered 3D display.
Features include:
  • Full geometric and Freeform measurement.
  • Extensive range of simple and complex part alignments.
  • User friendly part programming and editing facilities.
  • Real time on screen rendered display.
  • Simple one button press and Multi-Batch facility.
  • Full support for high speed constant contact scanning.
  • Easy to use interactive help in a web page format.
  • Multiple CAD imports including many native CAD formats
  • Extensive reporting facilities including HTML, PDF etc..

True ShapeTrue Shape is a 32bit Contour and geometric analysis software, for use with both contact and non-contact measuring applications.
It has multiple CAD and Data import facilities together with almost limitless fitting capabilities. The easy to use interface and macro facilities ensure a smooth learning curve giving straightforward integration into either a production or ‘one-off’ environment.
Comprehensive graphical and dimensional reporting facilities ensure that the output clear and easy to understand for users and customers alike. Features include:
  • Compare Measured Data to Nominal Form
  • Fit Data to a design Template
  • Create Template from Data
  • Fit to Specific Features
  • Fit with Constrained Degrees of Freedom
  • Fit to Any Alignment
  • Generate Conditional Reports
  • Easy to Use Interface
  • Multiple Cad Formats
  • Full Dimensioning Facility

FitIT:Fit It is a unique product which allows traditional measuring systems like profile projectors (Shadowgraphs) to be upgraded into powerful PC based measuring machines running TrueShape software.Any make can be upgraded using the latest Eley software and a device linking your system to a PC.
If the system already has a readout such as QC200 we can take data directly from the RS232 into a PC, and using Fit It software perform fitting and comparing data to a CAD model offering form and geometric measurement, reverse engineering, auto create of features and a print out facility.
Software called Easy Measure is included for feature creation and dimensioning. It’s easy to use, measures points, arcs, circles, lines, angles and distances, all in a graphical display.
If the projector has no readout we can take directly from the scales using our proprietary device called the PIU (Projector Interface Unit), which then links to the PC. Features include:
  • All the powerful features of True Shape on a manula system.
  • Eliminates need for overlays.
  • Total flexibility with latest software options.
  • Traceability with advanced reporting, printing and e-Mail.

Virtual DMIS:A CMM with VIRTUAL DMIS represents the ultimate inspection tool. Icon based CAD programming, Online or Offline, in the DMIS language represents the most efficient system architecture possible.
Developed with the Dimensional Measurement Interface Standard (DMIS) as its' foundation, Virtual DMIS is engineered to fully utilize the power and capabilities of this measuring technology standard.
Unlike other DMIS packages this is a NATIVE DMIS programme, which eliminates the risk of losing of data through use of interpolators. VIRTUAL DMIS is the most cost effective way of updating your CMM to a CAD based software.
Virtual DMIS fully links CAD component data with the CMM inspection process and provides a real time, on-line, truly integrated software applauded for its innovation. Virtual DMIS is the benchmark for functionality and CAD integration.

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