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Ersa soldering machines and handtools

Ersa offer a wide variety of hand soldering tools, universally applicable for soldering and disordering equipment for industry, laboratories.

ERSA tools developed the breakthrough ERSASCOPE Inspection System with ImageDoc Software for the recording , classification, and problem/solution analysis of images.

The Soldering Machines division offers full coverage of Reflow , Wave and Selective Soldering from the smallest bench model through to protective atmosphere system and LEAD-FREE system for mass production.

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Cross sectional, non-destructive

Ersascope Inspection system 3000

The revolutionary ERSASCOPE inspection System 3000 offers a cross sectional, non-descructive visual image of hidden solder joints by looking under the BGA.

At a fraction of the cost of an xray system the ERSASCOPE is a bench-top, user-friendly, safe and cost effective method for quality inspecting all types of BGA, microBGA and flip-chip components, in addition to many other applications e.g. interior fillets of PQFP and PLCC components, where a microscope or X-ray fails.

ERSASCOPE can aid in problem solving such as Excess Flux, incomplete melt of solder paste, cracking zones and other potential failure points such as cold solder joints.

Click here for picture of ERSASCOPE machine.

Below shows imaging system inspecting solder joints:

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Advanced soldering solutions

Solder Paste: SENJU’s Sparkle Paste OZ series is formulated using a range of alloys, spherical, oxide zero solder powder with closely controlled particle distribution and highly stable flux technology Sparkle solder pastes exhibit outstanding printing characteristics. Sparkle fluxes can be used in Tin lead as well as lead free formulae.

Solder wire: SENJU has developed a wide range of wires with diverse alloy and flux types to meet the varying requirements of specialised applications. From RMA no clean products to fully active cored wire for soldering metal with an oxidised surface film, SENJU has an extensive range of flux cored wire, all characterised by their outstanding performance.

Leadfree Solder paste: SENJU leads the field in the development and testing of lead free soldering solutions. Having jointly patented its first lead free alloy in 1992, the Company has accumulated great wealth of data on the performance of a wide range of lead free alloys and has acquired the expertise to make the lead free process work efficiently.

Solder Preforms: Solder preforms are used to place a precisely controlled amount of solder in a given place at the correct time. SENJU preforms are manufactured to customers specification in a contamination free environment and are provided vacuum packed or sealed in an inert gas atmosphere to preserve solderability.

Sparkle Spheres: Sparkle Spheres are small solder balls used in the manufacture of BGAs, CSPs, and a variety of micro soldering applications. They are manufactured to extremely tight tolerences with exceptionally clean surfaces and are packed in inert gas to inhibit oxidation and preserve solderability.

Alloys: Solder alloys are at the heart of all SENJU’s activity so it is not surprising that the Company supplies solder in every form for the complete range of soldering processes. SENJU specialises in the more diverse and exacting solder types that are advancing the industry’s manufacturing technology. Sparkle high purity alloys, low and high temperature solders, lead free Eco Solder, Long Life Pureloy and AT alloy to prevent tombstoning are all testament to SENJU’s innovative approach to product formulation.

Fluxes: Fluxes improve solderability. SENJU has pioneered new technologies and developed many flux types all of which provide unrivalled performance in their specific application.

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Some of the variety of tools available:

And their applications:

Solder Technology by Senju


Soldering Wire